Wooden Queen Platform Bed With Headboard

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Queen platform bed with headboard – A wooden platform forms the basis of any DIY project to build the frame of a bed. From here, you can add the legs, the head, the foot bed, shelves, drawers and other accessories to make the perfect bed you need. If you have wood and tools to hand, you can build your platform in less than an hour. The next process is for a double bed platform.

Queen platform bed with headboard put all the materials in the place where you will install the bed. This frame is light enough, but it is easier to load the individual components and built the frame. It forms a rectangle with beams, short beams putting inside large. Place the beams on its edge (2 inches wide) narrower. Screw the box in place with two screws on each corner. Drilled on the side of the longer beam and through the center of the short edge of the beam.

Queen platform bed with headboard, place the plywood on top of the frame matching its banks with beams. Plywood with a screw in each corner through the plywood and through the edge of the beam. Reinforced plywood with a screw in the center of each side through the center of the edge of the beam.

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