Twin Loft Bed With Stairs Ideas

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Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Stairs And Drawers

Twin loft bed with stairs for extra space in small bedrooms or apartments by creating useful floor area beneath them. An elevated double loft can accommodate a study with bookcases, desk and chair all within easy reach.  Do framed plywood box platform sufficient to set the mattress. Railings can guarantee a safe sleeping place. A twin loft bed with stairs gets you safely up to and down from your attic.


Check the length and width of your twin mattress. Measure the mattress measurements with your tape measure. Add one inch in length and one inch of width to allow enough space for the mattress to sit. Cut your wood to build the mattress box. Cut two lengths of two and six hours 2 inches longer than the previous measured width of the mattress.

Construct a rectangular lumber box. Connect the remaining boards to form the rectangular box frame. Use three screws along the boards in the corners to give sufficient strength to the frame. Measure then cut plywood to fit flush on the box.  Cut four-by-four hours post at least one 3-foot ceiling clearance. Use a level to be sure that you have a straight cut line. Place the platform box with plywood side down on top of a cloth. Place one of the pillars inside of the box corners. Turn on the platform with two poles and set it to the desired location. Continue this process for the other two posts. Clean all surfaces of sawdust. Turning a mattress on top of the twin loft bed with stairs.

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