Most Popular And Functional Wicker Storage Bench

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Talking wicker storage bench is referring to one of most widely used plant fibers by man since very ancient times. Thanks to its flexibility, it has been woven by skilled craftsmen, and in times of ancient Egypt, for creation of furniture, baskets and other practical objects, taking full advantage stems and branches generous. Its light but strong consistency is one of most laudable and important of this material has been providing us so many beautiful pieces of useful features.

Wicker storage bench is possible to achieve a more rustic feel with addition of baskets of this lovely natural fiber. In this case, they have been used to integrate manufacture of furniture that has a dual function: it can be used as a wooden bench at same time, as a space for storing objects. Wicker baskets give us possibility of keeping them in their original color or give them a bold splash of color.

Wicker has peculiarity that can be combined with many other materials perfectly. Undoubtedly, wicker storage bench is a piece of design that more than one will want to have in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Perfect for storing pillows, bedding or towels, combines comfort for its rural and pastoral aesthetic textiles and textures of this trend. Lovely idea that can be filled with colors and freshness

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