Loft Beds For Kids IKEA With Storage

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Loft Beds For Kids IKEA Bedroom Sets

Loft beds for kids IKEA – Small size of the living room is a big problem for a dorm room decorator. When work with such a compact space, including pieces of furniture that doubles in purpose and function to increase the usable space in the room. This way, you can use all the space of the room, on the floor (for storage) to the ceiling (for sleeping.)

For example, you can pair a desk and a bed using loft beds for kids IKEA. You can increase the storage space with a bed. All these combinations offer tons of creative solutions for decorator’s intelligent student. A loft bed takes advantage of the room underneath and on top of your bed. With a loft bed, you can use the space below to place a table or even a mattress.

With a loft beds for kids IKEA, you get a roomy storage that can replace a drawer. The available space can be use for a useful shelf to house books, magazines or other items. Loft and sleeping unit can be purchased in stores or built from scratch by a handy do-it-yourselfer. The space under the loft bed can be used in many ways. For example, you can arrange a secluded study area simply by adding a chair, bookshelves and lighting fixtures.


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