Linen Tufted Headboard Ideas

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Linen Tufted Headboard Style

Linen tufted headboard – The style of your headboard sets the tone for the decor of your bedroom.  Upholstered headboards are shirred fit perfectly with traditional decor and padded headboards lush country can be modern or French, depending on the fabric. If your bed has a tufted headboard, decorate your bedroom in a combination of shabby chic and glamorous styles. Hang a chandelier dripping with crystals on the bed or seating area, place mats luxurious faux fur on the floor and curtains decorate the windows with floor to ceiling opulent silk.

Coordinating curtains and bedding fabric upholstered linen tufted headboard. For example, if the head is white, they bring color to the bedding and curtains. You can go great with black, red or cobalt, or maintain the subtle decor with shades of yellow, green and peach. Venetian glass mirrors cut into the walls are a must; complemented by mirror-tiled tables

If your bed has a leather upholstered headboard, decorate your bedroom with a clean, contemporary style. Select hardwood tables that complement the linen tufted headboard. Install hardwood floors that contrast or complement other furniture. It is acceptable to mix light and dark woods, especially in a contemporary setting. Relaxed roman shades bring softness to the room while maintaining a contemporary flair. Select fabrics for bedding and nuances that complement the leather headboard adding color to your room. If the skin is brown or black, clear the room with curtains of red cloth, cream or light blue. Headboards white or cream stand against skin deep, rich colored fabrics.

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