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Loft style bunk bed – When two children have to share a bedroom, is one of the most desired sleeping arrangements a bunk bed structure. This option gives the children the most floor space while providing them each with their own area to sleep. Bunk beds are also space for guests to sleep. Building a set of bunk beds can save hundreds of dollars compared to the price of buying a whole new set.

Cut the wood for loft style bunk bed. You need two 12-inch pieces of four-by-fours, twenty pieces of two-by-four that measure 39 inches in length and four sections of two-by-four that measure 80-inches long for the sides. Cut eight more two and four, which measures 36-inches for the top bunk legs. And cut two sections of plywood which measures 39 inches wide and 77 inches long. Then, cut two-four in half vertically to create 1-inch by 1-inch thick straight sides that are each 50 inches long. Cut six 1-inch section of 1-inch wood that measures 12-inches in width.

Mount loft style bunk bed base frame. Select two of the 80-inch two and four pages. And two sections of 39-inch plywood for the head and foot of the frame. Place the pages on a flat surface, line the wood pieces at the head. And foot of the frame to the inner edge of the side pieces. Then, screw them in place with two screws in each corner.

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