Building Cozy Castle Loft Bunk Bed

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Castle loft bunk bed – Measure the height and width of the bunk bed set you build your castle. These measurements will determine the size of the plywood using. Buy a plywood sheet from a building shop. Building supply stores can cut piece to size to match the measurements you need. Draw a castle shape on the board with a pencil. Make sure the drawing takes up the entire space of the board.

Draw two large pillars of castle loft bunk bed with triangular tops, looking like typical castle tower. Make mid Castle shorter than towers. Cut out the castle using a handsaw. Follow the lines of the markings you made in pencil until you have a castle cut out from the board. Smooth down the whole board with sandpaper. Sand down the surface to remove imperfections and running sandpaper over the newly cut edges to prevent splinters.

Paint the castle in the colors you choose. A neutral background cream or tan work well. Male triangle top of the tower one pastel colors like pink or purple. Paint a brick pattern on the castle and leafy vines snaking up the castle wall. Let dry. Nail castle facade of wall space where you want to bunk beds to go. Push bunk bed set against the castle, so that the board acts as a backdrop to the set. And the castle loft bunk bed was done.

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